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Carton Live Storage

Specialist Supply and Installation of bespoke Storage Systems

Free On-site Consultation

Free On-site Consultation

7 Days Customer Service

7 Days Customer Service

Leading UK Support Team

Leading UK Support Team

Specialists In Storage

Specialists In Storage

The Carton Live Storage, permits high density storage of cartons and light products, leading to savings in space and improved stock turnover.

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As with the live pallet racking system, product rotation is ensured in this picking system by also following the FIFO (First in, First out) system, ensuring there is clear definition between the loading and unloading areas. The Carton Live system reduces distances covered in the warehouse and saves operating time, so it perfectly adapts to warehouses with a large volume of manual picking operations.

Core Applications

FIFO Warehouses

The First in, First out, system is perfect for quick stock turnarounds.

Large Volume

This system also benefits warehouses that have large volumes of manual picking.

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The Complete Process

Quote & Survey

The first stage of our process is an on-site visit or a free telephone consultation. Our sales team will guide you through our process and take all the information we need to provide a free quotation.


After this, our team of expert engineers will develop a comprehensive design of your unique storage solution. These drawings are bespoke and derived from our time spent with you and getting to know your requirements.

Manufacture & Installation

The final stage of the process is the manufacture and of course, installation. Our technical engineers will determine a date and time for our expert, experienced team to deliver and install your brand new storage solution.

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