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Double Deep Pallet Racking

Specialist Supply and Installation of bespoke Storage Systems

Free On-site Consultation

Free On-site Consultation

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7 Days Customer Service

Leading UK Support Team

Leading UK Support Team

Specialists In Storage

Specialists In Storage

Double Deep Pallet Racking is a storage system that is a blend of adjustable pallet racking systems and compact storage systems. The unit loads are stored mechanically by forklifts that are able to manoeuvre along the aisles parallel to the racking systems.

The pallets are stored at two different depths, achieving higher storage density, whilst maintaining simple and quick access to the pallets. Different to adjustable pallet racking, double deep racking does not allow the operator to have direct access to all of the pallets that are stored there.

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Double deep pallet racking must be used with special forklifts equipped for this particular system, fitted with telescopic forks or with a specially designed pantograph mechanism to enable it to properly access the second pallet. This system is strong and highly effective and allows the operator to easily assemble and regulate the load levels. It is both adjustable pallet racking and racking that can adapt to goods of different weight or volume. 

Core Applications


Perfect for all sizes of warehouse, this system will dramatically increase your storage capacity.

Large Volumes

Superb for storing large volumes of products with more than one pallet per storage post.

LIFO Warehouses

The ideal solution for Last In, First out warehouse systems for goods with medium to long-term storage life.

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The Complete Process

Quote & Survey

The first stage of our process is an on-site visit or a free telephone consultation. Our sales team will guide you through our process and take all the information we need to provide a free quotation.


After this, our team of expert engineers will develop a comprehensive design of your unique storage solution. These drawings are bespoke and derived from our time spent with you and getting to know your requirements.

Manufacture & Installation

The final stage of the process is the manufacture and of course, installation. Our technical engineers will determine a date and time for our expert, experienced team to deliver and install your brand new storage solution.

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