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Mezzanine Flooring

Specialist Supply and Installation of bespoke Storage Systems

Free On-site Consultation

Free On-site Consultation

7 Days Customer Service

7 Days Customer Service

Leading UK Support Team

Leading UK Support Team

Specialists In Storage

Specialists In Storage

High-quality Mezzanine Flooring Systems

Mezzanine Floors can double and even triple surface area, increasing the usable surface in height by one or two levels inside a warehouse.

They are independent structures, easy to assemble and adaptable to any space. Several accessories are available including handrails, stairs, goods lifts pallet gates etc. 

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Core Applications


Our Mezzanine floors are the perfect way to make the most of unused storage capacity.


Available in a wide variety of finished, our Mezz Floors are the perfect way to expand your shop floor.


Expand your current office area or create a new clearance in otherwise unused space.

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The Complete Process

Quote & Survey

The first stage of our process is an on-site visit or a free telephone consultation. Our sales team will guide you through our process and take all the information we need to provide a free quotation.


After this, our team of expert engineers will develop a comprehensive design of your unique storage solution. These drawings are bespoke and derived from our time spent with you and getting to know your requirements.

Manufacture & Installation

The final stage of the process is the manufacture and of course, installation. Our technical engineers will determine a date and time for our expert, experienced team to deliver and install your brand new storage solution.

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