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Pallet Shuttle

Specialist Supply and Installation of bespoke Storage Systems

Free On-site Consultation

Free On-site Consultation

7 Days Customer Service

7 Days Customer Service

Leading UK Support Team

Leading UK Support Team

Specialists In Storage

Specialists In Storage

The Pallet Shuttle is a high-density compact storage solution that applies powered shuttles to automatically transport the load onto the rack. The pallet shuttles are remotely controlled by the operator.

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Replacing forklifts with automated shuttles during the storage process significantly reduces the risk of accidents and also reduces the cost of damages caused by forklift truck user error. This system can work either as FIFO or as LIFO. This pallet shuttle system reinforces logistical capacity, since it automates the handling of goods on pallets; it is also possible to control the inventory through a system of sensors which count the stored pallets.

Core Applications

Large Volumes

Perfect for storage large volumes of good with high loading and unloading activities.


Thanks to its duel FIFO and LIFO capacity, this storage solution is great for perishable and non-perishable goods.

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The Complete Process

Quote & Survey

The first stage of our process is an on-site visit or a free telephone consultation. Our sales team will guide you through our process and take all the information we need to provide a free quotation.


After this, our team of expert engineers will develop a comprehensive design of your unique storage solution. These drawings are bespoke and derived from our time spent with you and getting to know your requirements.


The final stage of the process is the manufacture and of course, installation. Our technical engineers will determine a date and time for our expert, experienced team to deliver and install your brand new storage solution.

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